Whistle 3 Dog & Cats GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

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Whistle 3 Dog & Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor allows you to be with your pet every step of the way, you NEVER have to worry again—no matter where you are. A revolutionary product that combines a love of pets and technology, the Whistle 3 attaches to your dog or cat’s collar and works with your SMARTPHONE to keep tabs on your most precious pal. Using the app, you can enjoy peace of mind with accurate GPS tracking, and even set up multiple Whistle safe places that sends an alert should your pet wander into unchartered territory. It also tracks their daily activity to help keep them in great shape, setting custom goals with alerts if any significant changes occur. In short, the Whistle 3 is here to keep your beloved pet around for a long time to come.

Key Benefits

  • All-in-one GPS location and activity tracker combines proactive, accurate location tracking with a smart activity monitor in a simple mobile app.
  • Track your dog’s daily activity and set custom goals to keep your companion in great shape for their age, weight, and breed, with alerts when significant changes occur.
  • Customize a Whistle zone by choosing your home or other safe area, and get an email, app or text alert whenever your pet leaves that area so you can promptly begin tracking them in the Whistle app (using Google Maps).
  • Find them fast with 3 points of protection including nationwide GPS coverage, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology, offering the most comprehensive and accurate tracking nationwide.
  • Device attaches to your pet’s existing collar and works with most smartphones. Shock-resistant and waterproof with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days depending on usage.

What's Included

Whistle 3 Dog & Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor Collar attachment (fits collars up to 1” wide ) USB charging cable Quickstart guide


Device should not be left in direct sunlight or in direct sunlight in a vehicle. Summer temperatures in a vehicle in direct sunlight can easily exceed the melting point of the polycarbonate used to construct the case of the tracker.
The device contains a Li-Ion battery. If disposing of device, please make sure it is handled consistent with disposal standards for Li-Ion batteries.


Whistle 3 requires a subscription plan (as low as $6.95/mo to be selected at activation) and one Wi-Fi network

    1.82 x 1.45 x 0.61 inches
    0.92 ounces
    Small, Medium, Large, All Breeds
    All Stages
    United States
    Apple iOS 9.0 or later; Android 5.0 or later